The Benefits of Steel Roofing

The Benefits of Steel Roofing – Today’s guest blog is by Roman & Associates, PLLC Attorneys at Law. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Screen and Patio.

Steel Roofing

The Benefits of Steel Roofing

Houses and commercial buildings are made very differently than they were in the past. Layout, structures, and designs have developed over the years, which calls for a new and improved range of base materials. Today, builders and contractors consider a range of factors before initiating a construction project; all risks and hazards are calculated to minimize the costs of worker’s compensation insurance. They have a better understanding of building material properties and advanced technology to implement their ideas. Brick, concrete, and asphalt are a few of the conventional choices in the construction industry, but the use of metal is a growing trend. Steel panels have become a popular choice for roofing houses and buildings worldwide, given their undeniable benefits:


The longevity of steel roofs is probably the number one reason why it is rapidly replacing asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are still rather prevalent in places like North America, but more people are moving towards materials that do not have to be replaced after fifteen or twenty years. Steel panels can last more than 50 years due to their extreme durability and tensile strength. High-quality and well-maintained steel roofs could last about 100 years, granting them a lifetime warranty. The hardness and resilience of steel make it ideal for building in hail and hurricane-prone areas.

Steel tends to rust when exposed to air and moisture, which would be considered a major drawback. However, galvanized coatings of elements like aluminum and zinc help get rid of that problem easily. Not to mention, steel can be layered with acrylic or oil-based paint as many times as required, hence the process of rusting can be greatly diminished.

Energy Efficient

Steel roofs are deemed more energy efficient than traditional kinds because of their reflective properties. In summers, the rays of the sun from the outside will be reflected off a steel roof, thereby decreasing the amount of heat that penetrates the house. In winters, the heat generated inside will not be able to escape the house easily because of the same reflective feature. As a result, your home remains warmer during cold weather and cool in the scorching summers. Your artificial cooling and heating systems will not have to work too hard, thereby allowing you to save some money on utility bills. However, don’t forget the reflective index of steel panels can vary with the choice of color.


As discussed earlier, steel roofs are long-lasting; you shall not have to replace them within the span of a single lifetime. They are practically safe, as they do not pose any hazards to human life and the natural environment. In contrast, common roofing materials like asphalt shingles are manufactured using toxic chemicals, which raises concerns regarding product liability. They wear within twenty years or less, and cannot be repurposed. Their ultimate fate is a landfill, which does not do any good to the ecosystem. Steel panels stand strong and solid for an extensive period. In addition, they can always be recycled or remolded to restore their integrity.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Steel roofing is the epitome of modern architecture. The sleek, shiny, and radiant appearance add to the aesthetic value of a building, granting it a futuristic demeanor. Steel panels can increase the economic value of real estate as well, by making it stand out in the neighborhood.