Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures. Are you considering adding a swimming pool enclosure over your swimming pool? Swimming pool covers (also known as pool cages) are a great addition to any swimming pool. Not only do they help control mosquitos and other annoying pests from disturbing your pool parties and cookouts, but they also keep leaves and other debris from entering your swimming pool; which means less skimming and cleaning for you. Although you may have decided to add a swimming pool enclosure, you probably still have a lot of questions like what size, style, and color? That’s where Gainesville Screen and Patio can help!

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

We can help you design a swimming pool cage that is not only efficient but attractive and within your budget as well. Let us take the worry out of the process by handling everything from planning and design, to construction. We can provide the materials, equipment, design, and labor, so all you will need to do is plan your first pool party!

We know you have questions, and we can answer those questions during your free pool enclosure estimate. Questions like, how large does the pool enclosure need to be? How far will the pool cage extend beyond the pool deck? How much preparation will it require? Will you need to relocate any existing plants and patio furniture? Will any exterior work be required before construction can begin. We can answer these and any other questions you may have.

There are many other things to consider as well such as choosing quality materials that can withstand hurricane-force winds, rain, and other weather conditions. Also, you will want to select materials that will stand the test of time. They should be lightweight but strong and able to resist corrosion. Aluminum is the best choice for a swimming pool cage because it meets those requirements and is also attractive and cost-effective.

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

You will also want to be sure to select a quality screen product. In addition to keeping pests out, a screen should also protect from harmful UV-rays and be strong enough to withstand not only natures elements but those of children and pets as well. We can help with selecting the best products for your screen room enclosure. We can take care of the entire process including pulling the proper permits as well.

So what are you waiting for? We take the hassle out of screen room enclosures, so you can just enjoy your time by the swimming pool. Call Gainesville Pool and Patio today for a free estimate on your screen pool enclosure. We can be reached by calling 352-375-2500 or by using the contact us form on our website.

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