10 Evergreen Flowers to Spruce up your Outdoor Space

10 Evergreen Flowers to Spruce up your Outdoor Space – Today’s guest blog is by CORY ROTH LAW OFFICE. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Screen and Patio.

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10 Evergreen Flowers to Spruce up your Outdoor Space

If you are planning to transform your backyard or create a breathtaking outdoor escape, you should use flower power to your advantage. They will add a natural element and color to your space, whilst benefiting the environment. Flowers are known to enhance aesthetics and freshen up the air with their scent. Fortunately, there are kinds that bloom throughout the year, so you won’t need to invest too much in gardening or file for bankruptcy:

1.      Sunflower

Sunflower is a classic annual flower, which is available in different shades of yellow. Some varieties look like miniature suns that quickly brighten up a dull outdoor space. Their rich nectar also attracts different birds, butterflies, and bees, which makes them ideal to bring nature close to home.

2.      Zinnia

The perky pink zinnias will never let you down if you live in a tropical region. They grow easily anywhere and possess high endurance. They only become dormant during hard frost, but re-blossom as the temperatures go back to normal.

3.      Snapdragon

Snapdragons are one of the toughest plants out there that can survive in subzero temperatures. They come in so many different colors that they can grant your garden a rainbow effect in all seasons.

4.      Pansy

Pansies are another classic that hardly wither all year round. You can find them in a variety of hues, but I personally favor purple shade pansies, which symbolize royalty. Pansies have such a fresh and piquant fragrance, resembling that of a crisp salad.

5.      Sweet Alyssum

The sweet alyssum thrives in winters but does well in warmer temperatures as well. The tiny clustered flowers take the form of bushes as they spread and mimic clouds. The white ‘Snow Princess’ variety can make your real estate look like a winter wonderland. They are available in shades of pink as well.

6.      Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelor’s buttons are as cute as their name and put on quite a show through spring and winter. These flowers self-sow, which makes them ideal for the lazy gardening enthusiasts out there. Moreover, they make a stunning addition among beds of roses and poppies.

7.      Marigold

These adorable bright flowers are tougher than you think. They can transform your backyard or lawn into a glorious field of flowers that will encourage you to break into song. If you maintain a vegetable garden, adding these flowers to the beds can help fend off pests.

8.      Nasturtium

If you are looking for evergreen edible flowers, Nasturtium is right up your alley. The plant can be used to create stunning foliage and climbing cover as well. The deep orange and yellow flowers are divine in taste and appearance.

9.      Petunia Hybrids

Petunia hybrids are wonderful perennial flowers, available in a plethora of combinations. They are popular for their fast growth, low maintenance, and high weather tolerance. You can opt for unique assortments that include blossoms of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

10. Spider Flower

Nobody beats the summer heat and the winter chills like the gorgeous spider flower. The plant’s color, form, and texture will add a great deal of character to your garden, aside from bestowing elegance. Spider flowers are tall plants (roughly 4 feet) that can be used to build a lovely garden hedge for show or criminal defense.