Why Your Home Needs a Patio Deck

Why Your Home Needs a Patio Deck – Today’s guest blog is by Anthony Ranken & Associates. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Screen and Patio.

Why Your Home Needs a Patio Deck

Why Your Home Needs a Patio Deck

If you live in a tropical region and enjoy long summers, a deck should be a great addition to your home. Building a deck is much cheaper than a fully enclosed area, and the extension adds aesthetic value to the exterior of your house. Conventionally, decks were made out of wood, but nowadays you can choose from a variety of composites, hardwoods, and even plastic/glass decking.

Although wood is the preferred option for decking, a concrete one is favorable for regions that receive considerable rain and/or snowfall throughout the year. A wooden deck adds more value to the house, but the maintenance costs are much higher compared to other amalgamated constructions. If you are living in a rented place, make sure to review the Landlord-Tenant Law before making any alterations.

Currently, so many different types of outdoor spaces are trending and people get confused differentiating between a patio, deck, veranda, terrace, and balcony. While patios and verandas are house extensions intact with the ground, the other three are elevated. The ground floor roof underneath supports a balcony or terrace, while a deck covers extra space. It is not necessarily on the same level as upper stories of a house, but often just a few feet above the ground.

It can be connected or completely detached from the original structure of your home. Many people add a deck to their house to increase its resale value. Several home buyers fancy a house with a deck, over another that may feature an extra sitting area indoors. It is important to pick the correct side of the house for building a deck. It should blend well with the rest of your house’s peripheral, and not get in the way of anything. If your deck interferes with a neighbor’s property, it may provoke Civil Litigation.

The capital needed to build a deck depends upon the size and materials you select; hiring professionals to do the job will obviously cost more. Most home sellers are able to recover about three-quarters of what they spent on decking. However, a deck that clashes with the overall aesthetics and comfort of your home can potentially decrease its monetary value.

A deck can become the most popular area of your home for throwing parties and having get-togethers; an ideal space for relaxing in the sun, enjoying the fresh breeze, and sitting under the stars at night. It is definitely a must-have if you regularly host barbecues and dinners. Depending on the space, you can add an array of furniture to accommodate all your guests.

Decks are great for basking in nature, and the space below may well be utilized for storing outdoor equipment. You can decorate it in a number of ways and use it for diverse activities in every season. Hiring an experienced contractor and obtaining a construction permit is legally the best route. This will save you from causing potential damage to your home’s existing edifice, and breaking any laws.